The innovative concept of a multidisciplinary approach involving Plastic Surgery (Reconstructive and Aesthetics), Nutrition, Medicine Aesthetics / Anti-aging, Dental Medicine, Endocrinology, Aesthetic Psychology and Physiotherapy was born from the need to the pursuit of excellence and an approach to proximity to customers.

Combining the gains of various specialties / valences, the experience and skills of highly qualified professionals and selected in a common space, in a treatment perspective the results obtained can be optimized.

With this approach, it is intended that our customers are evaluated, perform surgical therapies (body contouring, facial rejuvenation) or complementary non-surgical namely peeling, injectables (ex: hyaluronic acid, toxin botulinum) and laser to correct surgical scars, traumatic, cutaneous and vascular injuries or rejuvenation intimate. Patients with instability or overweight will be routinely monitored, advised and guided in the pre or postoperative. A psychological assessment will also be carried out, helping people to improve their self-image and motivation.

Some endocrinological situations can lead to excess weight, acne, changes in body fat distribution, lipodystrophies, cellulite and impaired body image. Once these endocrine and metabolic disorders are identified, the Hormonal therapies can have a significant aesthetic impact.

After surgical interventions or medical treatments, physiotherapy sessions could be administered to specific and adapted to each anatomical region (ex: face, abdomen, breast, thighs), so that the scars have favorable evolution, decrease edema, facilitate drainage lymphatic, and accelerate recovery.

With this comprehensive, individualized and dedicated approach, we want our customers' satisfaction index to be high, and you can even improve your smile by performing dental aesthetic treatments.