Ricardo Horta

"Help those who could not choose, reduce suffering to those who can not smile, give back what has been taken."


Professional Areas

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery deals with the excision, repair, replacement, and reconstruction of defects of form and function of the integument and its underlying musculoskeletal system.





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"Dedicated body and soul to his work, 24 hours a day, looking for even the most complex reconstructive situations, the best art and the best knowledge to overcome the goals that the vast majority of people can believe unattainable."


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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"The purpose of Reconstructive Surgery is to reconstitute a part of the human body deformed by accident, disease or congenital abnormality."


Recent Articles

Surgical Innovation Microsurgery, 2017

Reconstruction of a near total ear amputation with a neurosensorial radial forearm free flap prelaminated with porous polyethylene implant and delay procedure

Microsurgery Microsurgery, 2016

Reconstruction of a postraumatic radial club hand with a free fibular osteoseptocutaneous flap and Sauve Kapandji procedure- a case report

J Craniof Surg J Craniof Surg, 2016

The Freestyle Facial Artery Perforator Flap for Reconstruction of Simultaneous Periorbital and Cheek Defects

Annals of Plastic Surgery

Fascicular phrenic nerve neurotization for restoring physiological motion in a congenital diaphragmatic hernia reconstruction with a reverse innervated latissimus dorsi muscle flap