Breast augmentation/reduction and Mastopexy (breast lift/remodeling)

  Breast Augmentation is a surgical technique used to increase the size of the breasts, by placing implants in retroglandular, retromuscular or subfascial position, through small and camouflaged incisions in the axilla, around the areola (periareolar),  or in the inframammary fold. It also allows for the correction of less degrees of ptosis, and to increase breast firmness.

Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure which consists in reducing the volume of the breasts and changing the shape, to achieve a more aesthetically form and volume. It is often recommended for patients with osteoarticular pathology of the cervical and dorsal spine, and with frequent dermatitis in the inframammary creases. Concomitantly it reduces the risk of breast carcinoma and pathology while decreasing the bilateral breast volume.

Mastopexy is an operation consisting in mammary remodeling, to correct the breast ptosis (breast fall), replacing the nipple-areola complex in a superior position, eliminating the excess of skin and residual sagging. The breast acquires a firmer aspect, better definition and improved aesthetic result.



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